Members of governing bodies

Each member of FEPEDA is entitled to have a representative in the General Assembly

FEPEDA is governed by a Management Committee where each member has a representative

FEPEDA also has an Executive Committee composed by Sonia Zamora (Spain), president, Sari Paloposki (Finland), general secretary, André Cuenca (France), treasurer, Darina Pantaleeve (Bulgaria) and Rolf Willm (Germany), vicepresidents

Members of FEPEDA

Belgium – Vlaamse Ouder Comités voor dove en spraak/taalgestoorde kinderen (VLOC)

Bosnia-Hertzegovina – EHO, Udruženje za podršku djeci s teškoćama sluha i govora

Bulgaria – ARDUS – Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children in Bulgaria – APHIC

Czech Republic – The Federation of Parents and Friends of the Hearing-Impaired (Federace rodičů a přátel sluchově postižených, o.s.)

Estonia – Estonian Association of Parents with Hearing Impaired Children (EKLVL)

Finland – KLVL, Kuulovammaisten Lasten Vanhempien Liitto ry

France – Federation des Associations de Parents d’Enfants Déficients Auditifs – ANPEDA

France – UNAPEDA

Germany – BGK Bundeselternverband Gehörloser Kinder e.V.

Germany – Elternvereinigung hörgeschädigter Kinder in Hessen e.V

Ireland – Deaf-Hear Ireland

Italy – FIADDA, Federazione Italiana Associazioni Difesa Deritti Audolesi

Lithuania – PAGAVA, Lithuanian Association of Families with Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children

Portugal – APECDA

Poland – Polish Ass. of Parents and Friends of Deaf Children

Romania – Asociatia Asculta Viata

Russian Federation – Saint Petersburg Association of parents of hearing impaired children

Spain – FIAPAS, Confederación Española de Familias de personas sordas

Sweden – DHB, The Swedish National Association for Deaf, hearing-impaired and Language-mpaired children

Switzerland – SVEHK

FEPEDA is member of

  • European Disability Forum (EDF)
  • European Platform of Deafness, Hard-of-Hearing and Deafblindness
  • Global Coalition of Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (GPOD).