Swiss Association for parents with hearing impaired children

SVEHK Schweizerische Vereinigung der Eltern hörgeschädigter Kinder        (German)
ASPEDA Association Suisse de parents d‘enfants déficients auditifs             (French)
ASGBA Associazione Svizzera dei genitori di bambini audiolesi                      (Italian)

Swiss Association for parents with hearing impaired children                        (English)

SVEHK is the Swiss umbrella organisation for parents of all kind of hearing impaired children, deaf, hard of hearing and CI-implanted. Children oral educated , with cued speech or sign language education and/or bilingual/bimodal educated.

SVEHK supports all parents in Switzerland with hearing impaired children.

There are 11 cantonal organisations which are member of the Swiss ombrella organisation.

The ombrella organisation organises the yearly family camp, forwards information to the cantonal groupes, takes care that parents receives the possibility to share their experiences with «new» parents, edits 6 times yearly the magazine «Bulletin», networks with all other Swiss organisations concerning the issue of hearing impaired and last but not least SVEHK also performs projects.

Freiburgstrasse 21
3150 Schwarzenburg
Switzerland  – German – French  – Italian

Contact person – email-adress:
Monika Schlachter-Plüss –

Representative in FEPEDA – email-adress:
Franziska Geiser-Bedon –