Romania – Asociatia nationala a persoanelor cu deficiente de auz din Romania “Asculta Viata!”

National Association of Romanian hearing impaired persons “Hear Life!”

National Association of Romanian hearing impaired persons “Hear Life!” was established in 2007 and comprises more than 280 families from throughout Romania, being led by the bureau made up of 7 people, parents of children with cochlear implant. Our members are people with hearing loss, cochlear implant(CI) recipients or representing families where at least one child is hearing impaired or candidate for CI.

Our mission is to provide support, legal advice, relevant information on CI and the rehabilitation process, counseling, advocacy and lobby, as well as direct material and logistic help to families affected by serious or severe hearing losses, in order to maximize the chances of social integration of the children with cochlear implant.

Alba Iulia rd., no. 55, bl. 7, ap. 14, Sibiu 550052 – Romania

Contact person & representative in FEPEDA: Cosmin-Alexandru Brasov