Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children in Hesse

Elternvereinigung hoergeschaedigter Kinder in Hessen e.V.

Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children in Hesse

The organization was founded in 1965 and has the aim to enhance the general situation of hearing impaired children.
Our focus is on the period of pre-school, school and the entry to professional life. We address families with children in special schools as well as with children in regular schools. To enhance their situation we work together with the four special schools of Hesse, other official institutions, acousticians and doctors.
In addition we are the political voice of parents with hearing impaired children in Hesse and we are in close contact to the hessian ministry of education to express our positions.
We offer an annual conference for families, where we provide professional lectures to educate the parents regarding i.e. communication, technical questions, juridical questions etc. There the families have the opportunity to get in contact with other families within a similar situation, which is very important for parents and children.
We also publish a brochure which is named “Elternbrief” (parental letter). It contains news regarding to politics, media, medical and technical topics as well as experience reports by families.
For our work it is important to be in contact with other organizations. In addition to FEPEDA we are a member of the German parental organization (Bundeselternverband gehoerloser Kinder e.V.), the hessian society for hearing impaired and deaf people (Hessische Gesellschaft) and other hessian organizations (LWV, LAG).

Elternvereinigung hoergeschaedigter Kinder in Hessen e.V.
c/o Marie Martin
Baechelsgasse 4a
D-65520 Bad Camberg     

Contact person
Marie Martin

Representative in FEPEDA
Nicole Schilling