Gemeinschaft Eltern und Freunde Hörgeschädigter

Who we are:
• Founded in 1988
• 100+ Family members in all Austria, specially region of Upper and Lower Austria
• A community based organization that was founded to further the development, relationships
and education of deaf and hard of hearing children
• Funded by membership fees and charitable donations
• Member of the GPODHH and FEPEDA
• Advocate for the maintenance and improvement of the rights and social well-being of the deaf
and hard of hearing.
• Regular family meetings
• Holiday Parties (Carnival, St. Nikolaus)
• Family programs and day trips
• Organization of community events
• Sharing experiences with affected families
• Mutually support between families
• Community magazine „Schneckenpost“ for children and their parents
We are open to all forms of communication!

Weidacherstraße 15/9, 4072 Alkoven
Tel. +43 660/ 21 89 434
ZVR-ZAHL 082300306, Bankverbindung Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ, Blz. 34000, Kto. 1012871
Representative in FEPEDA: Daiva Muellegger